Peter Sunde

Peter Sunde is a hacktivist and entrepreneur whose projects often explore questions of immaterial rights, copying and digital culture. He is best know as a co-founder and former spokesperson for The Pirate Bay, one of the largest file sharing directories in the world. Sunde has been a contributor to the PiratbyrÄn (Swedish Pirate Bureau think tank) and supporter of the wider pirate-party and kopimi movements globally. He has more recently been involved in the founding of the social micro-payment tipping service Flattr, the digital receipt management service Kvittar and the Ipredator VPN. These engage with issues of democratically rewarding creativity in digital networks, reducing environmental waste and net neutrality respectively. Sunde is currently facing fines of millions in damages and time in prison as one of four connected to Pirate Bay who were sentenced in a case brought against them by a number of large entertainment industry companies. Sunde travels regularly to speak and present his work at conferences, debates and lectures. He is of Finnish and Norwegian heritage and lives in Berlin, Germany.